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Developing Your Ceremony Vision and Tone

I consider myself a good celebrant, and a good celebrant is genuinely interested in meeting you and discussing your ceremony vision.

women, wedding, field, love, kiss
Women, getting married in a field, embodies a natural, organic tone in their ceremony vision.

Here are four ways to begin to refine your vision for the ceremony before, or as you start, working with a celebrant so you have a strong foundation for your early discussions and can reach results that are hopefully beyond what you even, initially, imagined.

  1. A great place to start is recalling elements from other weddings, or other events, that you thought were special, impactful, authentic, or meaningful. Any elements that remain with you positively, in image or feeling, are worth consideration. Consider too the converse, what has repulsed your sensibilities. Left you thinking, no, that will not be part of anything I create. If inspired, write those elements down, or make a Pinterest board, voice notes, a scrap book--anyway to give voice or image to your vision is useful. Both what your appreciate and what you don't can be so clarifying in refining your wedding ceremony vision (and Tone, see #4).

  2. Understanding the type of vows you and your partner want to share is also important. Your exchange of vows highlights your promises to one another in the ceremony. How you want to say them (as well as what is said, but that is worked on later during ceremony creation) is key to defining your ceremony vision (and Tone, see #4). So how do you want to share them?

    1. Write your own wholely personal and unique vow (your celebrant can help you write or proof them), or

    2. Use 'repeat after me' style vows (your celebrant can supply examples to choose form or edit), or

    3. Simply say “I do” after the celebrant reads the vows, or....

  3. The length of your ceremony can (or not) influence the vision of the ceremony.Many couples say they want something short and sweet, but what does that mean? Ten minutes, 20 , 25 or more? Short can be less meaningful; long can less impactful. Knowing the time frame you want will help ceremony content and flow (and Tone, see #4).

  4. Finally, and likely the most elusive and delightful, is exploring the tone you want for your ceremony. Tone is energy that flows throughout the ceremony. What tone are you seeking to create? Soft and romantic? Serious and solemn? Irreverent and playful? Engaging and energetic? Elegant and grace-filled? Magical and ethereal? Natural and organic? Lighthearted and delightful? Variation of tone is infinite and as unique as the two of you. Being able to identify, share and manifest your tone is vital to creating a memorable ceremony.

Understanding these aspects of you ceremony vision allows for all elements within it to be selected and developed in support of that vision and helps ensure that your wedding ceremony reflects your priorities and personalities, and feels uniquely yours.

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