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Sean and Mary get married

I have been working on presence practices all of my life. My services reflect these practices, which encourage pause, reflection and thoughtful, conscious acknowledgement of the human experience and its many transitions. While my primary service is wedding officiating, I bring 360 degrees of my experience, education, training , and knowledge to all of my services. If you are interested in any of my offerings, I would love to talk with you.

Brides Kissing

If you want your wedding ceremony to be unique, meaningful and expressive, I would love to work with you in what I hope is a highly collaborative process.


You select your level of involvement as I guide you through all the possible elements that could be included: telling our story and the story of your relationship, a custom unity ritual, vows, readings, legalities, etc.


Together, we create a ceremony that speaks to the heart of you, the couple, and engages and delights your guests.

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If you are planning your own service, or you have recently lost a loved one, I work can help plan, write and professionally present a meaningful celebration-of-life memorial service.

With compassion and sensitivity, I can co-create with you a service that speaks to the life and legacy of yourself or a loved one.

I also offer  offer compassionate and respectful guidance in end-of-life planning, such as finding/completing necessary documentation and legacy planning.

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Welcoming a new family member

Whether through adoption or birth, I am honored to help create personalized ceremonies that uniquely and whole-heartedly reveal the significance of welcoming a new family member. 

So much excitement and anticipation often come along with welcoming a new family member, the process of creating a ceremony and the ceremony itself helps can help reveal or clarify what this new person means to each family member, as well as what what hopes, dreams ands yes even fears, they have.


Ultimately, the ceremony though is a celebration of love, of life and the importance of support for each other as we grow, change, and become our most authentic self. 

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Dancing Couple

Fia was fabulous! She was so understanding and she really listened to us . Then she took what we shared to develop our ceremony. She welcomed changes and adjustments and the end result was a ceremony we LOVED. Engaging, meaningful and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Fia for anyone wanting a sincere officiant who loves what she offers..

Selby and Andrea

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