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Aren't All Celebrants/Officiants the Same?

The simply answer is no. All officiants can legally marry you, but not all are created equal.

You have spent hours upon hours planning your wedding day, carefully selecting your dress, your guests, the venue, the flowers, the music, the food, etc. So why, when it comes to the officiant/celebrant, do couples sometimes feel that anyone will do?

Your ceremony is the center of the day, everything leads up to it and the celebration afterwards stems from it. The moment is steeped in meaning and memory. Photographs are taken and, most importantly, your guests will hear what your marriage is about and what you are committing to.

The celebrant/officiant you select plays a pivotal role in setting and maintaining your vision for your day, and for the celebration following the ceremony. You want someone mature, confident, and experienced. Someone who works with your other wedding vendors as needed, communicates and speaks clearly, and engages your guests. Yes, your celebrant/officiant needs to read what has been written, but they also need to make eye contact with you and your guests, often.

No one wants a celebrant/officiant to add anything awkward to the ceremony, ad lib unnecessarily, or say or do anything that people may find embarrassing. This is your day to shine, and your celebrant/officiant should direct all light to add to your sparkle.

As you decide on a celebrant/officiant, imagine who you want standing up there with you. Who can best represent and present the import, excitement and meaning within this day through your ceremony. Be as selective choosing a celebrant/officiant as you are with the other vendors and elements in your wedding day to ensure a special and memorable ceremony.

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